Saturday, November 27, 2010

Writing Assignment

this picture was taken for family memories and the relation is family, the picture might be viewed  for years in a photo album.
this picture was taken for vacation memories  and the relationship is family. the picture will most likely be viewed for several years, it has been put in an album.
this picture was probably taken for professional photography purposes and there is no relationship between the photographer and the subject. the photo will most likely be viewed by someone who buys the picture or has access to the photographers work

Thursday, November 4, 2010

identity essentials

I thought to use these bolts because, it seems stereotypical that men are builders and craftsmen working with tools. and well you can probably guess the body part.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oct 15 reading summary: Dada

during the start of the first world war, artists fled to other countries where they would be safe during the war. since the world at that point made no sense to them, they would make no sense, they would meet and start chopping up words to make incomprehensible lines of sounds

color theory reading assignment

Color theory is the art and science of color interaction and effects. In Tile Art of Color,' Johannes ltten lists the following approaches to color theory

studies the expressive effects ofcolor on our mind and spirit.

Additive color is created using beams of light (2.2A). Red, green, and blue, the familiar RGB on a computer screen, are the primary colors in this system. Many additional colors can be mixed from these primaries. Subtractive color is created when white light is reflected off a pigmented or dyed sur- face (2.2B). The subtractive primaries are blue, red, and yellow.

Our perception of additive color is influenced by The intensity (or wattage) of the projected light.
The light source, from incandescent light and fluorescent light to daylight.
The surface quality of the illuminated object. Projected light behaves very differently on transparent, translucent, and textured surfaces.
The ambient (overall amount of) light in the environment.

mono- chromatic color scheme (2.29). The advantage of this system is a high level of unityAdjacent colors on the color wheel are used III an analogous color schemecomple- mentary color scheme (2.33). Complementary colors are opposites on the traditional color wheel. split complementary color scheme (2.35). Rather than pair colors that are in opposite posi- tions on the color wheel, triadic color scheme pushes the choices even farther apart, so that they are now located in a triangu- lar position, equally spaced around the wheelA chromatic gray is made from a mixture of various hues, rather than a simple blend of black and white. Earth colors, including raw si- enna and burnt sienna, raw and burnt umber, and yellow ochre, are made generally from pigments found in soil.